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Our Services

Meaningful Connections and Story Inspiration 

We are storytellers. If you're passionate about your brand, we want to help you tell your story. We've seen the value of genuine human connection through 20+ years of in-person press immersions. Our team's hard work and dedication has allowed us to keep up that momentum, regardless of the obstacles thrown in our way.

Our main principle is that we put people first. Learning about each other and the world around us lets us tell the stories of brands just like yours. Connecting the brands that fuel our life experience with the press that are looking for it just seems natural - and that's why we've seen success. 

At Cru of Two, our agency's small but devoted team makes it easier for us to grow essential connections and secure real results. With the world opening back up again, we're eager to get back out on the road and see our media friends in person. The challenges we've faced over the last year have taught us a lot about strategically working to continue success in new and creative ways, and we can't wait to show you all that we've learned. We're ready to take on projects of any size, inspire new connections, tell your brand story, and work alongside you to grow your business through integrity, hard work, consistent communication and a little bit of fun. 

Our Expertise

  • Lasting, meaningful media relationships 

  • Hands-on, immersive experiences

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Business Development

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Brand Development & Strategy

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