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The Team

Meet The Team


Principal & Co-Founder

Noelle is a true PR sage. She's been working in the industry for over 20 years and was previously a Senior Vice President at CerconeBrownCompany, a PR agency based in Boston. While at CBC, Noelle saw a missing link in the business and founded their signature House Programs, an experiential event line up that brings media and brands together to experience products in real time. Noelle is also passionate about business and brand development and was instrumental in her former agency's overall growth strategy. She's managed countless accounts and employees throughout her professional career, is extremely dedicated to clients and works tirelessly to follow through on goals and client expectations. 


Director & Co-Founder

Annie has been in the PR business for nearly ten years. After graduating with her master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communication, she moved to Boston and quickly found her niche in client work.  She teamed up with Noelle on experiential events from the start and found her passion in face-to-face conversations and interactions with brands and media.  She has organized and executed successful press events across the country and secured client placements in major national publications. From Cru of Two's inception, she's loved working directly with clients on small day-to-day projects to big idea branding campaigns and she's thrilled to work beside and manage the growing Cru team.


Senior Manager

Jared joined the Cru in 2023 and is an invaluable part of the team. He's worked with Noelle and Annie for several years, so we had to make him a part of the Cru. With expertise in experiential events and operations, he's a crucial addition for clients and the Cru.

Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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Account Executive

Aleigh has been with Cru since 2021 - our first official employee. She is an asset on-site at events and the perfect person to make a lasting connection between your brand and media.


Assistant Account Executive

Chloe is a wizard when it comes to pitching and securing coverage for our clients. She is absolutely someone you want on your team, always going above and beyond the task to get the job done.

Allysha Dunnigan

Account Coordinator

As the newest member of the Cru, Allysha brings exciting energy to the team. She recently received her Master's in journalism from Georgetown and is stepping into the PR world.

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